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Rubber Curbs and Borders to contain landscaping and surfacing materials like Rubber Mulch

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Rubber Curbs

Rubber Curbs
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Rubber Curbs (or Timbers) are a great border system for any project. Preventing loss of groundcover materials, the Rubber Timbers are 6’ long and are flexible to form to almost any edge desired.

Even though Rubber Mulch and many of our other surfacing materials are resistant to erosion from wind and water, we recommend bordering them with Rubber Curbs to help futher prevent material loss. Avoiding the potential for material loss will remove the potential need for the purchase of replacement materials. In addition, using curbs to shape the area of your surface will increase the aesthetics of your landscaping, playground, or other project.

  • Rubber Curbs are available in different heights
  • Look great with no maintenance for years to come
  • Matches or compliments Rubber Mulch or any of our other surfacings
  • Made from 100% recycled rubber
  • Easy to install

Rubber Curbs

  • Easy to Install - Save time and hassle using these flexible curbs that will adjust to nearly any edge, allowing you to install them yourself in most circumstances.

  • Saves Money - You avoid the loss of ground cover materials from wind, water, etc., removing the need for the purchase of replacement materials. You also save on installation costs.

  • Eco-Friendly and Durable - Made from 100% Recycled Rubber, these curvbs will last for years.

  • Looks Great - Matches and compliments any of our Rubber Mulch colors or other surfacings.

IPEMA Certified Certified ASTM-F1292 ADA-qualified Wheelchair Accessibility
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